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Too Cool for School

El Posse
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Hey Welcome to the Posse
This is for all the majorly cool kids at North Broward.
and a few that are cool enough to not go there and join.
-Cassie and Joey

Some Rules for you to read before joining:
1. Be respectful (no bad language, being rude, etc.)
2. If it is a long post or pictures use a lj cut.
3. Dont put quiz results in here
4. We can ban you
5. Love Cassie (and Joe) =p

El Posse's mission in this world is to provide the support, love, and care to our fellow members in times of trouble and need. Our posse exemplifies a form of prestige and honor that is not seen in many other posses. In addition, to keep this prestigue elevated, we must have flawless members whom are willing to make sacrifices for the good of all. However, we must take into consideration that we cannot except members whom have more potential to aggravate fellow members than is normal. We must always be watchful to those whom wish to create malice among us, and for that there must be a criteria which we must follow in initiating our members. Here are the "14 Points" that were devised by maintainers to protect El Posse:

1. In order to become a member you must have at least half of the maintainers accept you.

2. 2/3 of all regular members must accept you.

3. Can't be a lil bitch.

4. Can't be a lil hoe (Cassie is the only exception).

5. Maintainers: I can kick you out whenever I want to, and for no reason at all.

6. Maintainers: I own this place, not you, and none of that overthrowing us bullshit.

7. Joe and Cassie have 40% of the power each which actually means they have the power to regulate powers and bend rules.

8. Members have 20% power altogether.

9. The Owners may be more powerful than all the rest, but he favors much more in appealing to the masses in his final decisions.