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something controversial....

HEY EVERYBODY!!! IM SO PSYCHED TO BE INVITED TO THIS MAJOR COOL COMMUNITY AND I CANT WAIT TO PARTICIPATE AND HAVE SOME FUN!!!! lol. i dont have anything controversial to discuss. the fights on my journal are unexplainable and unplanned, much to joe's dismay. Here's a random comment tho:
most of the gas that screws up the ozone layer is from cow farts. so in ur face environmentalists. kiss our industrialized butts! but actually, they can just blame McDonalds or diary industries for grazing so much cattle. idk, they'll find away b/c they can't be happy about anything. Humans are always to blame with them. i'll admit in some cases we are, but give us a break! stupid selfhaters. ok...have fun commenting on that if u feel fervently about the subject. u could also just comment and say "who gives a crap". i myself kind of feel the same way so w/e. i mean i'll be dead b4 the next ice age or w/e they predict is coming. if it happens to my great great grandkids, well, i never met them so they'r pretty much strangers to me. lol im really not this cold i promise. i can be sweet....almost

<3 (look at all the sweetness in that heart) meL
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